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Wind Tower Technology Div.

We are developing an exciting new fluid-actuated telescoping wind turbine support tower that has a number of advantages over conventional monopole types of towers. These benefits vary depending on whether the tower is being used to support very large utility size turbines or smaller ones, typically in the 20kW to 100 kW range.

  1. When used to support very large turbines the benefits include:
  2. When used to support smaller turbines the benefits include:

Interested? See the poster we presented at WindPower2017

You can get more information about using this new tower in situations where very large turbines are being supported by looking at our presentation describing benefits when used with utility-scale turbines. There is also a short summary of the benefits when used to support smaller turbines. We will have a more complete presentation focused on use with smaller turbines in the near future.

This new tower is protected by US Patent # 8,959,870 and a patent is pending in Canada.

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